Covid Protocols

At Attikos, we truly value our patrons’ and employees’ wellbeing above anything else and strive for our restaurant to be a place where our customers truly feel welcome.

Attikos Mediterranean Grill has implemented the following health and safety measures to mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19, giving effect to the requirements set out in the Directive issued by the Government.

  • Appoint responsible persons for the implementation of administrative measures, including the identification of exposure risks, implementing control measures and the communication and reporting thereof.
  • Implement physical distancing requirements to minimise contact between employees and customers.
  • Provide handwashing facilities and sanitizers throughout our facilities for our employees and customers to use.
  • Provide our employees with cloth masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) as requested by the Department of Health & Department of Employment and Labour.
  • Increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of all areas, especially frequently touched objects and surfaces.
  • Improve awareness on COVID-19 for our staff and implement employee training programs to ensure that our protocols are implemented effectively.

We will continue to comply with all Directives, regulations and sectoral guidelines that may be published about COVID-19, cooperate with any inspections and adhere to the restaurant protocols until they are receded or replaced by alternative health and safety protocols.

We do this in recognition of our critical role to provide a safe dining experience in our restaurant during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

We commit to these protocols because we understand and acknowledge that we carry a joint responsibility to protect our staff and customers from COVID-19, in particular vulnerable individuals. By committing to these we also support the leaders of our country to minimise the spread of COVID-19, and to further the wellbeing of South Africans and visitors from all over the world.

Hygiene Requirements

Hand hygiene and cleaning remain our key defence against COVID-19; therefore, strict hygiene protocols have been implemented in our restaurant.

We have installed biometric face recognition devices for our staff to ensure that we take every step to reduce contamination of any kind within the restaurant.

All our staff are temperature checked upon arrival at work each day and provided with a dated sticker to confirm this. A register is kept of these daily readings.

All staff are required to wear face masks covering their nose and mouth at all times, as per WHO recommendations.

Any suppliers or delivery personnel have their temperature checked and recorded and are required to wear a face mask and sanitise upon entry to the premises.

Surface cleaning and disinfection

The restaurant is cleaned daily by our staff and once a week a deep clean is undertaken which includes the kitchen, seating area and delivery areas by a specialised service provider using accredited chemicals. Areas used frequently such as tabletops, bar counters and waitron stations will be cleaned after each use or as allocated in a schedule to allow for operational effectiveness. This includes small operational items such as pens, credit card terminals, light switches, salt & pepper shakers and point of sale terminals.

Chairs and tables will be sanitized after each sitting.

Hand hygiene

Our staff are required to sanitise their hands upon arrival and frequently during their working shifts. Only sanitizers with a 70% alcohol based are used. They are also required to wash their hands every 15 minutes and this process is closely monitored by management.

Hand sanitiser is available at the entrance to and throughout the restaurant for use by our guests.

Physical Distancing

Where possible, reservations will be taken to manage demand and help ensure capacity limits are adhered to. When serving guests, the necessary physical distancing and precautionary measures will be taken to safeguard our guests and staff.

Tables will be spaced to ensure appropriate distancing between guests and bar stools will also be reduced. A number of tables will not be in use, and demarcated accordingly, to ensure sufficient distancing.

Non-essential accessories and surfaces

Table appointments will be minimal with only decorative centre piece presented.

QR codes will be available on all tables for guests to scan to view our menu on their cell phones, which eradicates the need for a guest to touch a menu. If required by the guest, a disposable paper menu will be available.

Items required as part of the service sequence and meal, such as condiments and meal accompaniments will be brought to the table including cutlery with disposable napkins.

Tables, table appointments and surrounds will be wiped and sanitised post service before welcoming and seating the next guests.


It is a requirement for all our guests to be temperature checked upon arrival, with details recorded in a register.

Our guests will be required to wear masks except when seated while eating and drinking. We have provided our staff cloth masks with removable filters; these are available for purchase should a guest not have a mask.

Bar and general service

Where possible, decanting of beers, soft drinks and other drinks will only be done on request from the guest and adhering to regulations. Straws will be provided on request only.

No alcohol may be served.


A cleaner will be stationed at our restroom area to sanitize the taps and surfaces immediately after any guest has used the area.

Hand sanitizer will be available in the restrooms.

Payment Options

Contactless payment options are available and preferred to prevent the handling of cash by our staff. These include tapping the terminals with credit and debit cards and Zapper. Staff handling cash or cards are required to immediately wash and sanitise hands without making contact with any other surface.


All our equipment is cleaned and sanitised frequently as per our food and safety program, including surfaces such as handles, knobs, dials, switches and static equipment. Utensils, pots, pans and receptacles undergo more frequent hot washing.

Kitchen equipment, crockery and cutlery will be washed separately both on deep, high temperature wash cycles

All food containers and exterior of any packaged food item will be washed and sanitised before and after use.


Various measures have been implemented to ensure that our staff and guests are made aware of how we are protecting them, and of the necessary personal hygiene measures they must implement to protect themselves during this time.

We also have an internal communication platform that is used to inform our staff of all relevant information relating to COVID-19.


Please note: We have the right to ask all patrons to be respectful with regards to the guidelines put in place by the government. We have the responsibility to refuse entry to any patrons displaying a temperature or flu-like symptoms in the interests of the health of our staff and other patrons. We also have the right to ask patrons to leave the premises if they are not complying with the law.


If you are still concerned about visiting Attikos, you may place an order online, for collection or delivery, at


Thank you for your understanding during this time and we trust you will feel as welcome as ever when you walk through our doors.